Men’s Facial Cleansers

For all men out there, it never disappoints to know more about your skin type and conditions first before buying your investing in a men’s facial cleanser.

Check your skin type first

The best facial cleaner is one that suits your specific skin type. Most manufacturers now realize that specific skin types require a specific facial cleanser.

Overly sensitive skin should use hypoallergenic facial cleaners. This is to avoid unwanted reactions to allergens found in the facial solution. If you are not sure, better settle with the one designed for sensitive skin.

For those who have oily skin, the best facial cleanser is one which removes the excess sebum found on the surface of your skin. Oily skin develops because of over-active sebaceous glands which are responsible in producing sebum. Sebum is a natural lubricant utilized by our skin for its normal functioning and optimal performance.

Be careful though with your facial cleansers. Some of them contain substances that remove even the skin lipids. Extreme application of harsh anti-oily skin compounds may actually trigger more sebum excretions, which defeats the purpose of having that facial cleanser for oily skin on the first place.

Look for those micro nutrients

Check the label if the facial care product contains micro nutrients that are known to promote smoother skin. Many substances are regarded to help our body naturally replenish the old and dying ones. Remember that the epidermis, the uppermost layer of the skin, replaces itself every 20-45 days. Most men’s facial cleanser should contain those essential nutrients that provide nourishment so that healthy cells are regenerated.

Not all those known to help our skin regrown can be applied topically though. In other words, those substances, notably collagen and elastic, should be taken orally. You can do this by taking additional supplements and by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that contain those nutrients.

Not only they help you recover smooth, healthy and glowing skin, but these foods also help us acquire other essential minerals and organic compounds that fight off free radicals and toxins. Against the continuing onslaught of pollutants and microbes present everywhere, any facial skin care regimen should be coupled with balanced diet, enough sleep and regular exercise.

Go natural

So far, the best facial cleansers are those made of natural and organic substances. Examine carefully if those allegedly organic facial cleansers contain preservatives.

Taking various forms, these preservatives are converted into free radicals and different types of toxin which hamper the natural production of newer and better skin cells. Some facial cleansers come with anti-oxidants.

Do not rely on what sales people tell you alone. Nor be gullible enough to believe every thing the mass media advertisements tell you. Remember that the ads’ primary goal is the generation of more profit and not the transmission of full and honest product information. Best thing to do? Read carefully the labels. Do a little research on those harmful chemical and see if at least one of them, however minute in amount, is present in the facial cleanser.